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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Mar 28, 2020

We wrap up this series with a terrific closer, from Austin,TX, it's SIN SEER! These heavy hitters have all the good stuff you know and love about your metal so strap in and let's goooo! 

Find more SIN SEER music here:

Mar 21, 2020

For this installment of March Mad Metalness we talk to our new friend Yasin, the core writer and guitar player for Things Amazing, from Atlanta,GA. We nerd out on song writing in general and try to figure out how the hell i found Things Amazing in the “metal” releases. Here we are though, and it was a pleasure...

Mar 13, 2020

MARCH MAD METALNESS IS BACK! Thats right dark lords, it has risen and now we must feed it! For VOL II we brought back our authority in all things metal, David “CARNAGE” Fitzgerald to help breakdown the interview with Austin,TX’s own VESPERIAN SORROW! These guys have seen it all and been everywhere, so we talk...

Mar 5, 2020

Hey friends! This is a special episode indeed! Not only is it crammed packed with music from all over the map, its serves a greater purpose! We figured, since Sweet Party 2 is technically "invite only", and there is still a few tickets left of the very limited 500 offered, we couldn't think of more open minded people to...