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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Sep 17, 2021

We talk to the King of Maine, author of Pinecone Pete Is Not Impressed, maker of 9+ incredible hip-hop albums, P-Dank label owner, and father of 4, a true industry's Spose! On the cusp of the release of his double album "Get Rich or Die Ryan" out on Oct 20,  we break down the history of Spose, the many a...

Sep 12, 2021

Today we hang out with Michael Roberts of the band Wooden Dinosaur and founder of Lost honey Records. You've always wanted to learn how to build a soundscape, right? Well, as always you came to the right place! Get to know Micheal a little while we dive into the makings of ambient music, what it takes to pull together...

Sep 7, 2021

We explore a bit of shared history, dabble in the Texas psychedelic movement, and go to prison even though we were good people. Also, LIVE MUSIC IS BACK,BABY!  

Intro and Outro music by:

EMAPEA off the latest album Bees, Trees and Flowers available on Bandcamp and where ever you stream great music. 

May 26, 2021


The Dazzle children have some important rants they'd like to share beyond the walls of home. Now days, the best way to do that is to let it out via the podcast route.

This is the pilot Episode "How Parents Ruin Video Games" and it has some pretty solid points. Subscribe where...

Jan 29, 2021

We return from break like a wrecking ball swinging in with one of the dankest, most potent bands from Oregon, or anywhere for that matter! At long last, we are getting to sit down with one of our household favorites, Slow Corpse! 

On the heals of their sophomore album release, “Bite Your Tongue”,  we crack the shell...