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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Sep 12, 2021

Today we hang out with Michael Roberts of the band Wooden Dinosaur and founder of Lost honey Records. You've always wanted to learn how to build a soundscape, right? Well, as always you came to the right place! Get to know Micheal a little while we dive into the makings of ambient music, what it takes to pull together an album that's rich and pure whilst being dragged in all directions, and as always, sprinkled throughout the episode are songs from the Wooden Dinosaur discography.

INTRO/OUTRO by Brock Berriganoff the newest album "Smooth Sailing" available on Bandcamp and wherever you stream music.

Find Michael's complete discography here including the work of Wooden Dinosaur with the link below.

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