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Trial By Error Variety Show

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Apr 11, 2020

This one goes out to our listeners who shamelessly divulge in the realms of true crime podcasts! We step off the well lit, densely populated path, and into the shadows with the host, writer, and producer of Dark Topic and Crime Machine, the one and only, JACK LUNA! The stories told on DARK TOPIC are ones that would turn the guts of seasoned police officers, and somehow Jack has come out of the booth with his facilities still in tact...sort of.  We discuss the ins and outs of curating a show like Crime Machine like a yellow submarine in a sea of true crime podcasts, adaptation during a pandemic, and each weigh in on what it might take to get away with murder these days in the age of social surveillance. Don’t worry, it gets lighter too when we talk about poop and the joys of raising children, but then it gets dark again when we go back into talk of child murder. Ooooops*

SIDE NOTE: Since first hearing Dark Topic over two years ago, it’s been a TBE goal to pick the brain of MR. Luna and it is with immense  pleasure that I am able to present to you this conversation with the man himself. Enjoy that shit.

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SKYND - “Elisa Lam”  and “Gary Hedenik” Ft. Jonathan Davis from the EP Chapter I