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Trial By Error Variety Show

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Mar 21, 2020

For this installment of March Mad Metalness we talk to our new friend Yasin, the core writer and guitar player for Things Amazing, from Atlanta,GA. We nerd out on song writing in general and try to figure out how the hell i found Things Amazing in the “metal” releases. Here we are though, and it was a pleasure falling down this rabbit hole! We listen to songs from both EP’s and talk about up and coming projects. Todays Fact Forged From Metal (FFFM) is ripped straight out of the pages of Dark Metal history! David “Carnage” Fitzgerald of The Destroyer of Worlds/Pawns of Christ/A.R.T. joins us during lockdown (again) for no reason other to bring laughter and joy to these fucked up times. 

Thank you for listening to us when you could have listened to 850,000 other podcasts! You fucking rock! 

THINGS AMAZING music found here:

Learn about the album discussed in FFFM here:



INTRO and OUTRO by Aether Realm

Tarot (Instrumental) and Death (Instrumental) available in our Bandcamp collection

Sidenote: SUPPORT YOU FAVORITE ARTIST (if you can) IN THESE STRANGE AND UNSURE TIMES! Take care of yourselves and explore more podcasts!