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Trial By Error Variety Show

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Jan 29, 2021

We return from break like a wrecking ball swinging in with one of the dankest, most potent bands from Oregon, or anywhere for that matter! At long last, we are getting to sit down with one of our household favorites, Slow Corpse! 

On the heals of their sophomore album release, “Bite Your Tongue”,  we crack the shell open to talk stage fright, Cyberpunk mania, road trip musical van diagrams, house parties, and much more!  We highlight the Slow Corpse singles and we read your reviews! 

Enjoy the Show! 



  1. MATCHES off the MOONS EP (2015)
  2. VISION off the HOUND EP (2015)
  3. RUN IT off the FABLES album (2017)
  4. Review Soundtrack ft. VIDEOTAPE by DIRTY ART CLUB (2021)
  5. OKAY off the BIT YOUR TONGUE album (2021)

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Watch the new video for “In My Head”  put together by Surreal Entertainment

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