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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Nov 12, 2019

We travel to the Live Music Capital to chat with the emphatically charismatic Trouble in the Streets (T.I.T.S.) from Austin,TX! We blab about the evolution of the independent artist, revel in the arts of crowd marshaling, and talk what makes a b-side just what it is, the red-headed step songs of every bands repertoire. Also, this week is Utopiafest fo grab a weekend pass and meet us at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet,TX!

Follow T.I.T.S. on the social surveillance B.S.:


Enjoy the shoooooooooow! 






BLVD NOIR - “Dub of Amontillado” 

BLVD NOIR- “Neiige Soleil”


From the RULE BREAKER Ep Available on iTunes!




Trouble in the Streets - “Chasing Whatever”

Trouble in the Streets - “Mad Science” 


Album Artwork by Scott Locke


Come with us NOV 14th - 16th to UTOPIAFEST 2019 in beautiful Burnet,TX!  Info and tickets and be found here:

Facts about Rubik's Cube. You're welcome.