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Trial By Error Variety Show

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May 23, 2018

What a tasty treat we have in store for you fine folks in his jam packed showcase of the 10th Annual Utopiafest! We break down the lineup, one by one, and you hear how it all came together straight from the mouth of the festival's creator himself, Travis Sutherland!

On a warm day in May, Chaznik and Travis sat down at the Cosmic Cafe in Austin,TX to hash out the ins and outs of this year's incredible lineup! There are tons of Utopiafest classics in this episode as well as some new to the lineup seasoned musical mavericks such as Patty Griffin, STS9, and Grandmaster Flash! We weren't able to play the entire lineup, and every band on this bill is am just see to really get the spirit type band so GET YOUR TICKETS to the fest TODAY before they sell out! 

Go to to find out which package is right for you, and no matter where you wind up, you will find family and make some of the most cherished memories of your life with a soundtrack that will keep you coming back for more again and again!

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Enjoy the show!!