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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Dec 1, 2020

Let's wrap up this year in a big bow, laced with sparkling new releases, hidden gems, and shiny debuts! We take a shallow, head splitting dive into the ocean of music known as Bandcamp! We attempt to bring to the forefront the latest releases from various November/December highlights, and the latest from former TBE artists, such as Acid Carousel, Cam, New Dialogue, Run River North, and Ver$ache Kolache and more! Its "special' for those reasons!  

This is not so much a playlist as it is a showcase, still, let the show notes be your guide! 

INTRO: COLDBREW “Mario Cart” off the album “Childhood”



  1. THE HIGH HEAVEN “Nowhere Bound” off the album “Fairytales of the Heartland”


  1. SCRIMSHIRE “Chance Me” feat. And Is Phi off the EP “Believers Vol.1” 


  1. THE BITCH BOYS “New New Mega Doo Doo” off the EP “Demonstration”


  1. GENTRY FOX “Hindsight” off the album “The View From Nowhere”


  1. ANRIMEAL “I Am Not” off the album “Could Divine” 


  1. THALA “Something in the Water” feat. BEARCUBS


  1. SLOW CORPSE “Wasted” from the album “Bite Your Tongue”


  1. TURNOVER “Breeze” from the album “Good Nature”


INTERLUDE by COLDBREW “Christmas Morning” off the album “Childhood”


  1. ACID CAROUSEL “Im Peaches, the Monkey” off the album “The Most Oddest Thing”




  1. THE GHOST WOLVES “WWIII” of the EP “Vol. 1 How the West Was Won”


  1. NEW DIALOGUE “The Chain” a Fleetwood Mac cover


  1. VER$ACHE KOLACHE “Burt is Fat and Its a Problem” a YHM tribute featured on the YHM live 1/2


  1. RUN RIVER NORTH “Lonely Weather” the latest single available on most major streaming platforms


OUTRO by Coldbrew “Bop-It” off the album “Childhood”


BONUS OUTRO by PROF “Fuck You It’s Christmas” available in our Bandcamp collection and all major platforms


Our entire collection of Bandcamp faves is available here.


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Thank you once again for joining us! 

Happy Holidays ya filthy animals! 


Much Love - C. Dazzle and Family 

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