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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Mar 2, 2017

In this episode of the Trial By Error podcast Beau and Chaz discuss songs that flat out suck and haven't gotten any better with the test of time! They discuss new music and old alike! All is fair game after being crammed down our earholes for too long!

Also featured is our very first album review by Beau Maddox, detailing the good and bad of the the debut album by Whiskey Ignition entitled "Before They See" available now through the band themselves! Find more about them on Twitter @whiskeyignition and check us out at and see what we have in store for the bands that need that little extra bit of FREE PROMO! We are now available on iTunes and Stitcher, as well as Soundcloud, Youtube, and Libsyn!

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