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Trial By Error Variety Show

The podcast featuring local, unsigned and bad ass bands from all over the world! Hear the newest music, get album reviews, and so much more! New episodes every two weeks! Visit for all the details!

Mar 5, 2020

Hey friends! This is a special episode indeed! Not only is it crammed packed with music from all over the map, its serves a greater purpose! We figured, since Sweet Party 2 is technically "invite only", and there is still a few tickets left of the very limited 500 offered, we couldn't think of more open minded people to invite than you!

Theres less than a month to get you tickets so visit and secure your passes, like, NOW! Use promo code "CATSKILLS" to save 10% at checkout and rep the TBE podcast too! 

How cool would it be to make memories together, curator and listener, sharing this unique experience as one! IDK, sounded cool in my head. Forget my ramblings and come have your experience, regardless, we here at TBE will be there with  plenty of coffee and tiny bananas for those who do come by Camp Catskills! Thats right, tiny bananas. 


INTRO + OUTRO by Henry + the Invisibles 

"The Feelz" and "Night at the Carnival"

off the album "Beatz the Heat"

  1. 1:19 - Dr. Joe "Tell Your Mother"
  2. 6:08 - Rattlesnake Milk "Snake Rattle and Roll"
  3. 10:09 - Tom Freund "Run Around"
  4. 16:37 - Country Willie Edwards "Marfa Lights"
  5. 20:49 - Calliope Musicals "Thats Why We Dance"
  6. 26:28 - King Woot and the Holy Nah Nah "House on the Corner"
  7. 33:43 - Sometimes A Legend "Strasbourg St. Dennis"
  8. 39:38 - Jenny Parrott "Daughter"
  9. 43:20 - Shane Cooley and the Midnight Girls "Anxiety"
  10. 49:30 - Mike Dillon "Bring Back Your Purse Full"
  11. 53:44 - Posessed by Paul James "When It Breaks"
  12. 58:50 - Marijuana Sweet Tooth "Utopia,TX"
  13. 1:03:28 - Big Cedar Fever "Exactly Like You"
  14. 1:07:11 - Abram Shook "Sugar Teeth"
  15. 1:11:20 - Middlespoon "YesterDays" 
  16. 1:19:22 - Dr. Joe "Good Days"

Find all these artists on social surveillance and streaming platforms to explore deeper! Thanks for hanging with us!